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Products in the spotlight

WB Start Superieur

Mineraal Superior

MINERAAL SUPERIOR contains all minerals, vitamins and trace elements that are necessary to meet the needs of beef cattle in terms of maintenance, growth and gestation.

MINERAAL SUPERIOR contains in particular a high dose of vitamin E and selenium, which both have a positive effect on the immunity of the animal.

As the product contains 50% of organic trace elements (very easy to absorb) and 50% of inorganic trace elements, this product has an optimal ratio price/quality!

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WB Start Superieur

WB Start Superieur

WB START SUPERIEUR is a complete artificial milk powder specially for WB-calves. This powder has the advantage that it has a solid composition compared to cow's milk. Due to the lower energy content relative to the cow's milk, WB calves absorb more roughage and concentrates, which stimulates the development of the stomach and reduces the chances of diet diarrhea.

WB START SUPERIEUR consists for at least 55% of skimmed milk powder and is enriched with minerals and trace elements (Ca, P, Na, Fe, Cu, Mn, Zn, Co, I and Se) and vitamins (A, D3, E, and B) according to the needs for proper growth and development of a young WB-calf.

WB START SUPERIEUR contains organic selenium and extra iodine which improves the resilience and the vitality of the calf.

Flox Superieur

Floc Superieur

FLOC SUPERIEUR is a fiber-rich concentrate for rearing WB-calves. When early providing small amounts of this tasty and fiber-rich concentrate, the rumen movement and fermentation is encouraged. This causes better development of the forestomach and rumen papillae.

FLOC SUPERIEUR includes spelt which provides the necessary fiber applicator and stimulation of the rumen wall. In addition it contains corn and barley flakes, which are highly digestible.

FLOC SUPERIEUR is a specially designed concentrate to feed WB-calves until the age of 12 weeks, next to WB START SUPERIEUR. This concentrate contains sufficient energy and high quality proteins to ensure proper growth and development of a young WB-calf, next to our milk powder.

FLOC SUPERIEUR contains the optimal amount of minerals and trace elements (Ca, P, Na, Mg, Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn and Se) and is very well vitaminized (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, D3, E and H) for a very good growth and development of a young WB-calf. Moreover, this concentrate is enriched with organic selenium for good resistance, living yeast for proper digestion, gut flora stabilizers for good intestinal health and a clostridium inhibitor.

FLOC SUPERIEUR is specially developed to feed young WB-calves next to artificial milk. It should be fed ad libitum to young WB-calves from 4 days after birth until weaning age.

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