Book: Centuries in business

October 5th, 2017

Franson collaborated on the book 'Centuries in business ', which is recently published. The 200 years of history of 9 generations Van Malleghem is described, and our water mill, with which it all began, is put in the spotlight.
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New tipper

September 26th, 2017

Franson invests yet again in a new trailer, built according to the most modern and latest standards, compartmentalised and in optimum light weight/strong combination. The trailer features a fully autonomous tipping system.

Two new trucks

September 20th, 2017

Two of our old trucks have been replaced by new ones.
We continue to invest, we keep on going.

Mills Van Malleghem truck in a new jacket

June 20th, 2017

An older truck has got some new paint and a Franson print. The truck looks as new and, thanks to its great quality, is ready for many more miles.

The heaviest part of the blending line goes through the roof

June 20th, 2017

On June 20th, in the middle of the heat wave, the old mixer was removed and the new mixer was installed through the roof of our highest building. The name tag indicated that it had been in service for over 40 years.
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Façade completely restored

June 15th, 2017

One year ago, one of the drivers forgot to let down his loading bin completely after a delivery. The bin hit the concrete panel above the gate and not much later, a whole part of the facade broke down. On June 15th, the façade was completely fixed and on June 20th, the orange strip was painted on it again. This chapter is now officially history.

A bunch of new opportunities.

may 30, 2017

Konstruktie Quintyn Gebr. officially started with the renewal of one of our blending lines. The renewed blending line will strongly increase the hygiene, capacity and number of production capabilities of our factory in Eke.
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Counting trucks in Mouscron.

april 23, 2017

Every day, 18 Franson-trucks are on the road to serve our customers. On April 23, we finally managed to get all our trucks (except for three of them) lined up next to the road. We formed this impressive chain of trucks at LAR in Mouscron on the occasion of the “Vetten Os” competition.

Congratulations for the super champion of LAR

april 23, 2017

Congratulations to our customers Raf Weemaes and Luce Verhaert! One of their animals was again super champion at the “Vetten Os” competition, the main championship within the beef cattle sector!

Agriflanders 2017

january 12-15, 2017

As usual, Franson was present at Agriflanders, the largest agriculture and horticulture fair of Flanders. This year, the exposition took place from the 12th to the 15th of January. A bigbag with cattle feed was placed on our stand. Cattle farmers were able to place a bet on the total weight of the feed and had a chance to win 2 tons of customized feed. The correct weight was 449 kg, Bruno Van Mulders from Buggenhout has guessed that correctly! When “The Most Beautiful Woman Farmer of Flanders" Mieke Verniest passed by our stand, Alex and transporter Omer Tillieu took their chance to take a picture with her. The Vereecke family was also present: father Vereecke and his 4 sons!
It was a successful edition, up to 2019!

Franson in the journal ‘Het Nieuwsblad’

december 2016

At the end of 2016, we published an article in the annex of the journal ‘Het Nieuwsblad’ about ‘Agri & Food’. We focused on the importance of tasty feed for the breeding of tasty meat.

Eight new silos

november 2016

One of the greatest strengths of Franson is the exceptionally wide range of raw materials. Today, we start with the installation of 8 new silos, which enable us to further expand our raw materials palette! To tradition, we work together with our favorite supplier Quintyn Gebroeders.

We are supporters of the Belgian Red Devils

june 2016

We are supporters of the Belgian Red Devils, which can be seen in this advertisement.

Our customers are, again, winning prizes at the championships in Antwerp and Rekkem.

May 9, 2016

One of our clients, cattle breeder Raf Weemaes, won the championship in Rekkem this year. Furthermore, other customers of Franson gained first prizes and honorary awards with their animals: ten first prizes in Antwerp and eleven first prizes in Rekkem. We want to thank them for the many years of trust. Together we form a strong team. Congratulations!

We like to be seen.

January 19, 2016

Therefore, the car of our representative Hans was brightened by our logo and a striking photograph. Everyone shall see it!

Bravo for our customers!

June, 2015

Raf Weemaes, one of our clients, won the championship in Antwerp and Ath this year. Also, the National Champion was one of his animals. We are particularly proud, because champions are not accidentally chosen. Whether an animal wins a prize depends on many factors, of which expertise, good care from the farmers and the quality of the cattle feeds are certainly among the most important ones. The fact that Raf Weemaes is praised, though, is just the tip of the iceberg. Also other clients from Franson get first prizes and honorary awards for their animals. This has been this way for two generations at Franson (formerly ‘All Mash Van Malleghem’). Our clients win prizes each year, also generation after generation.

The new NIR analyzing appliance quickly delivers a complete and reliable nutritional value analysis

Excerpt from an infomercial in Drietandmagazine, November 2013

Because Franson wants to be more than ‘a supplier of concentrated feed’ and because it has an eye for the bigger picture, it also seeks to optimize its service. Recently, Franson purchased a sophisticated NIR- analyzing appliance that can perform fast and reliable nutritional value analyzes. Alex Van Malleghem: “Where there used to be required a whole laboratory with laboratory technicians, this sophisticated appliance reads the ‘nutritional fingerprint’ of the roughage or mix by means of a light beam. A full nutritional value analysis is delivered here. As mentioned before, these analysis results are a fundamental pillar for the service to our customers. Furthermore, the laboratory work is ‘optimized’ thanks to this investment.”

Which are the following developments?
Alex Van Malleghem: “The analyzes for our customers are part of the delivery of our feed. We experience interest in our know-how. Anyone who wants to appeal to our know-how apart from the supply of feed (eg. because of distance) can do so, though at a reasonable charge. With our current capabilities, we see this as a real opportunity.”

ALL MASH from FRANSON: an honest product in its purest form

Excerpt from an infomercial in Drietandmagazine, November 2011

We are standing with Alex Van Malleghem next to the new factory of FRANSON. Alex speaks with passion and pride about the company with which he continues the lifetime achievement of generations. It’s also the company in which he can use his abilities as an agricultural engineer to innovate and thus play a leading role. The new buildings between the old factory and the offices is the latest result of this urge for innovation. The challenge was to offer the honest ALL MASH product in a purer form to the cattle farmer. This meant that the production process had to be rethought from scratch. Innovating by simplifying, it has often proved to be the recipe for a brilliant idea.

It can always be better
Investing in cattle feed in these times, you must be crazy? Alex Van Malleghem is convinced that this statement is not true. Running a company means evolving continuously. The more difficult the sector, the more important it is to be innovative. The agricultural sector, and in this case the sector of the cattle farming, is a challenge. FRANSON chose to specialize in ALL MASH from the beginning. ALL MASH is a very honest cattle feed of which the individual commodities remain distinct as such – what you see is what you get.

In 2007, FRANSON took over Transax in Wallonia. This small cattle feed company delivered an ALL MASH to be envied, with hardly fine fraction. Fine fraction sinks to the bottom, causes segregation and cattle do not fancy it. Because of the small scale of Transax, the company could trade its raw materials in two sheds. This ‘flat’ was of working probed to be a formula for an even purer product. FRANSON wanted the same result for a larger volume. Reducing the displacement of products to prevent breakage was the first assignment. Less breakage means less dust, which results in a better product.

Other silos
Raw materials which are unloaded into 35 meters high silos, in which they are subjected to tons of pressure, only to end up in a narrow funnel cannot possibly maintain their original kernel or flake size. Traditional silos are meant for flour and therefore cannot prevent the formation of fine particles. Time to reinvent the silo: meet the ‘relax silo’. In the new production plant of FRANSON, the silos are oriented horizontally, the walls are multi-staged for more grip and each silo has four funnels. A good idea can be that simple.

Less transport
Transport is a form of trading and therefore had to be reduced. The unloading of the raw materials, storage, mixing and the delivery of the final product takes place in the new FRANSON factory within a cube of 25x25x25 meters. Everything is designed to save the original shape of the products. The rather ‘aggressive’ traditional transport system, with its mortar grinders, chain conveyors and elevators, has been replaced with containers, a roller bridge, product-friendly conveyor belts and a mobile mixer. The raw materials come nowhere under heavy pressure: from A to Z they overcome a height difference from 25 meters instead of 100 meters in the existing factory.

The factory of the future
The new production plant, which is designed to deliver the product of the future, also offers several additional advantages. First, the loading and unloading process is accelerated. Moreover, less transport equals lower energy consumption, which is good for the environment as well as for our wallet. In the new factory, there is less friction between the product and the installation, resulting in less wear and tear, and less maintenance. And last but not least, the production plant was built in such a way that it meets all the hygiene and traceability standards.
If the cattle knew that the sugar syrup comes from barrels that were used in a previous life for quality wine from Mâcon, they would definitely choose for ALL MASH from FRANSON.

High-quality, custom cattle feed

The focus on a purer all mash