About us

About us

Franson Ltd. is the independent cattle feed department of Molens Van Malleghem. Its aim is to produce and commercialize cattle feeds in the Benelux, France and Germany.
VAN MALLEGHEM has been active in the grain sector since 1815. During nine consecutive generations, the company has evolved into a modern family business. CEO Alex Van Malleghem learned all about the craft from his father, Frans Van Malleghem.
Having graduated as Agricultural Engineer in 1991, his years of expertise are of great value to the company.

At FRANSON, we rely on four major pillars:

  • A professional, highly educated and enthusiastic team with an unprecedented knowledge in the field of cattle feed and an extremely motivated, knowledgeable and experienced CEO.
  • A technologically advanced and computer-driven installation, which allows us to meet high standards in terms of hygiene, food safety, traceability and sustainability.
  • An ideally located production site near two major arteries (the E17 and E40 motorways) and the Port of Ghent.
  • A modern and well-equipped truck fleet.


Frans Van Malleghem
Frans Van Malleghem

Where does the name come from?

“In 2004, I bought the company site in Eke. This meant a new era for our family business. I wanted to crown this evolution, inspired by the history of Molens Van Malleghem, with a new name. The new name had to recognize this soul. I ended up with my father quite fast. His name was Frans and I am his son. Keeping the Scandinavian tradition to honor family ties in mind, I chose ‘FRANSON’ as the new name. The name gives a perfect summary of the company and its history and links the past with the future. Next to the fact that FRANSON is a meaningful name, it’s also easy to remember and pronounce. FRANSON, an honest and positive-sounding name for a positive company with fair products.”

Alex Van Malleghem


High-quality, custom cattle feed

The focus on a purer all mash