FRANSON has its own transport company ALNATRA. The ALNATRA truck fleet comprises 18 recent, well-serviced, efficient custom trucks that meet the most stringent environmental standards.

For the purchase of our bulk trucks, we have been collaborating with the Italian family Menci [] for 10 years and we are very satisfied with this cooperation.

Almost all trucks are equipped with an environmentally friendly Euro 6 engine and, where possible, wind deflectors for optimum aerodynamics. Thanks to an auxiliary engine the trailer operates independently of the tractor. This auxiliary engine is much smaller than the engine of the tractor which reduces the consumption during the unloading. Thanks to the steering axles at the back, larger trucks can also come to places that are hard to reach. This means less friction, less fuel consumption and less tire wear.

Once we arrive at the customer, we use the energy-efficient auger transport nowadays. That's a depressurized transport system. The tank is wider than at the former blowing bulk and yet lighter. Over the entire length, there is an opening which is closed with a tarpaulin. That makes filling easier and is therefore ideally suited to bring back a load. This way, driving without a load is thus minimized. Whether we deliver in a silo or a bigbag, mortar transport involves less power, les pressure, less consumption, less dust and more respect for the quality of our product.
Even if we want to stimulate the auger transport as much as possible, the former blowing function is still possible on each truck in case it is required.

Last but certainly not least: the added value of our regular chauffeurs . The personal contact between the in-house drivers and customers is a great asset, both for the customers and for FRANSON. In fact, we refer to our drivers as the “ambassadors of our company”


We encourage the energy-saving and efficient auger transport: the all mash is placed at the top of the silo via a mechanical auger

Wind deflectors for optimum aerodynamics.

The auxiliary engine for unloading more energy-efficient.
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Steering axles at the back of the truck for maximal agility.

If necessary, we can activate the blowing function.

High-quality, custom cattle feed

The focus on a purer all mash